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How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways

Furniture products made from wood are often very beautiful and luxurious. However, in the process of use, there are many causes for the wooden surface to be scratched such as scratches, water damage, high temperature. You are searching for "How to fix scratches on wood". This article will show you 6 simple ways to repair scratched furniture

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

Use olive oil to repair scratches on wood

To remove scratches effectively, one of the ways to apply today is to use olive oil. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Soak a little olive oil on a soft cloth and gently wipe the scratch

Step 2: Proceed to wipe and wipe several times until the scratch is completely faded. Olive oil will soak into the wood and make the wood shiny, scratches fade.

Step 3: Use a pen with the same color as the wood and then draw on the scratch

Step 4: Spray on the surface of the wood with a layer of varnish

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

Paint crayons on the scratch

Broken wood color is usually due to the presence of cracks, scratches. There are four cases of color damage, each of which requires a different surface treatment:

■ If the surface is lightly scratched and still retains enough color, simply apply a layer of transparent surface treatment to the damaged area to blend the colors together.

■ The wood surface is still grainy, which will help the color not to darken. In this case, a colored surface treatment product must be used to repair damage to the top layer.

■ Wood surface that does not retain enough color needs to be supplemented during damage repair.

■ The damage to wood fibers is so severe that any liquid paint will produce too dark a color. At this time, it is necessary to use wax surface treatment products, neutral water (colorless) or surface treatment products with very fast drying speed.

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

Since each case has a different fix, you should test first to determine which method works best for your cases. The test method is simple: apply a little clear liquid to the damaged area and see what happens next.

Will the liquid make the marks of the scratch disappear, or will it deepen the scratch a bit? Does it have any effect, or will it darken the color of the lesion?

Paint solvent oil is the best choice, or you can use saliva instead if you can't find paint solvent oil. Dip your fingers with saliva and simply apply to the affected area. According to the effect of the liquid on the color, you can know the specific situation within seconds.

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

■ If the liquid can restore the color of the damaged area, then you need to apply a transparent surface treatment product. The best choice is a mixture of oils and varnishes, shellac or transparent varnish. A mixture of oils and varnishes has a stronger darkening effect.

■ If the liquid can only partially restore the color of the damaged area, then some dye products need to be applied. It's easiest to choose a water-soluble dye, as removing the excess won't hurt the surrounding area. You can also choose commercially available products, such as colored cream waxes.

■ If the liquid does not produce any effect, it means that the wood is still under the seal of the surface treatment (the coating is not completely destroyed). The color to be changed is still in the surface treatment paint, so it needs to be re-coated. You can use a color correction pen to complete this, or you can apply a layer of stain that contains an adhesive. Typical adhesives include shellac adhesives, varnishes. In addition, you can also use paint to treat. In fact, you are using diluted paint. You can use all-purpose colorants and pigments to mix with shellac, varnish, oil, or to mix Japanese colorants with varnishes.

■ If the liquid darkens the damaged part, it usually indicates that the wood surface is too rough and has absorbed too much liquid.

Fix scratches on wood with crayons

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

Many people have done and found the method of polishing wood with colored wax quite effective. You just need to choose the right color for your furniture, then rub it on the scratched surface. Finally, using a soft cloth to clean it, you have a completely new set of tables and chairs.

How to fix scratches on wooden floors using walnuts

Walnuts (or almonds) contain natural oils. You can fix scratches on wooden floors using walnuts. You just need to peel the walnut shell and use the nut, rub it directly on the scratch about 5-10 times. Repeat until the scratch is as faint as possible, about 10 minutes apart each time

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas


How to get scratches out of wood floors

For small cracks

Small cracks, if left for a long time, can grow longer and larger. Therefore, even if it is just a very small ripple, you should treat it quickly by using beeswax stuffed into the cracks. Then reapply the varnish (a mixture of anthill and 90 degree alcohol) for the same color as the entire product. This method is relatively common and easy to implement.

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

For large cracks

When the wood has large cracks, you will not be able to use beeswax to fill them all. Instead, use fine sawdust, this is a simple way to treat cracked wood that is trusted and used by many people.

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

Take liquid glue mixed with finely sifted sawdust. You can ask or buy some sawdust from wood manufacturers, buy some glue or use it to mix with lime. Mix sawdust with glue until smooth and fine, then bring to a boil until hot. Then insert into the cracks and smooth with the face.

How to fix scratches on wood | 6 easy ways - Interior Design Ideas

You can use fine sandpaper, lightly beat it flat compared to the surrounding surface. Finally, apply varnish on the already sealed areas to match the color. Do not forget to paint the color so that it is reasonable and harmonious so that the crack is not detected.

How to avoid scratching wooden furniture

In order to avoid scratching the furniture, in the process of using as well as cleaning and sanitizing, you must be careful, to avoid the furniture coming into contact with sharp objects that can cause scratches.

Put pads under jars, glasses, cups to protect the surface of wooden furniture, prevent them from being scratched, dirty, etc. Do not use plastic or rubber on natural wood surfaces.



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