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10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds

For many people, coffee has become a part of life. And roasting coffee at home becomes an elegant pastime. When finished making coffee, do not rush to throw away the coffee grounds. As long as we know how to use them properly, these coffee grounds can also turn into a good assistant in life!

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Coffee grounds have a very good deodorizing effect

There are many ways to use coffee grounds to deodorize, for example, when forgetting to take out the garbage in time, we can sprinkle a layer of coffee grounds. on the trash or kitchen garbage, it can eliminate odors and the coffee beans will also absorb moisture and keep the garbage dry.

In addition, in public places like coffee shops, we often see ashtrays filled with coffee grounds, which not only have the effect of extinguishing cigarette butts, but also can absorb odors, this is also a very good use. practical.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Another method is to use an empty can to make your own deodorant. Place the dried coffee grounds in an empty container and seal the bottle with a breathable paper towel or kitchen paper towel, then tie it with an elastic band so it doesn't tip over. Packaged coffee grounds are very suitable for shoe cabinets, wardrobes, under sinks, refrigerators and other areas prone to odors.

However, be careful when using it, because the coffee grounds will absorb moisture and over time will become damp and moldy, so you need to change the coffee grounds after about one to two weeks. In addition to direct use, you can also try homemade coffee perfume. Using an essential oil diffuser as a tool, replace the original place of oil and water with coffee grounds, and at the same time light small candles, the space can be filled with coffee aroma through heating the candles. For those of you who like aromatherapy, coffee aroma is definitely a great new choice, very suitable for early morning, with a refreshing effect.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Take advantage of the effect of grinding coffee grounds

Coffee grounds have a moderate particle size, have a grinding and detoxifying effect. This feature can also be used in cleaning, for example when hands are dirty or smelly after cooking. We mix a small amount of coffee grounds and hand sanitizer, rub it on the hands, the coffee grounds can remove dirt and deodorize at the same time.

Use unscented soap and coffee grounds, heat and stir well, it becomes a coffee soap with dual function of exfoliating and cleaning. In addition, coffee grounds and soap can also be used to make coffee soap with the dual effect of cleaning and scrubbing.

The method is very simple, first put soap (preferably tasteless) into a heatproof container and add a small amount of water, microwave it to soften the soap; then add the coffee grounds to the softened soap mixture, stir well and then put it in a plastic container. Once shaped in a plastic container and removed after cooling, it becomes a coffee soap containing coffee aroma. This homemade coffee soap is suitable for home cleaning such as washing pots and tableware, or for washing hands.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Coffee grounds have the effect of repelling insects

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Coffee grounds have many uses, in addition to the cleaning uses mentioned above, they are also very useful in gardening. Because coffee grounds repel mollusks like snails, when growing plants in pots, you can sprinkle coffee grounds around the base of the plant to prevent insects. In addition, many people also like to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer, which is really possible, however, because coffee grounds will lower the pH of the soil (making the soil more acidic) it is more suitable to use. for acid-loving plants. For example, rhododendrons, strawberries... However, when using coffee grounds as fertilizer, remember not to use too much, only a small amount should be used so as not to harm the plant.

Coffee grounds help kill fleas for pets

Certain types of fleas live on pets that are not only harmful to pets, but also harmful to humans. Some flea control products on the market contain many chemicals, which cause unwanted side effects. Therefore, you can use coffee grounds as a natural method to help get rid of fleas on pets.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

After bathing your pet, rub the coffee grounds onto your pet's coat, then rinse and dry as usual.

* Note:

Coffee grounds are not as effective as some prescription products. So, if coffee flea treatments don't work, you should take them to your veterinarian to find an alternative treatment option.

In addition, you should not let your pet eat coffee grounds, which will put them at risk of poisoning.

Coffee grounds help to care and beautify the skin

The coarse particles in the coffee grounds act as an exfoliator to help you remove dirt, deep clean your skin, and promote overall skin health. Besides, they also help you reduce dark circles and aging eyes due to their high antioxidant and caffeine content. Coffee also helps stimulate blood circulation around the eyes and fight free radicals to reduce dark circles and wrinkles.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Here's how to use coffee grounds to beautify your skin:

Body Scrub: Simply mix coffee grounds with a little water or coconut oil and rub them directly on your face and body.

- Exfoliate lips: You use coffee grounds mixed with a small amount of honey to exfoliate lips.

- Protect skin in the sun: The caffeine in coffee grounds has strong antioxidant properties, so it helps you to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Boosts Skin Health: Coffee grounds help increase blood flow, which aids in overall skin health.

- Reduce wrinkles and puffiness: Add coffee grounds to water or coconut oil to form a paste, then apply under your eyes and let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. You do this every day or as needed.

Coffee grounds reduce cellulite

Cellulite is a swelling of fatty tissue under the skin (usually in the buttocks and thighs), making the skin uneven and rough. This phenomenon affects more than 80% of adult women.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Because coffee grounds contain caffeine, you can use it to improve cellulite by mixing coffee grounds with water or coconut oil and applying it to your skin for 10 minutes twice a week.

Dye your hair brown with coffee grounds

If you do not want to experience the harmful effects of hair dyes that make your hair frizzy or even give you cancer, you can use coffee grounds to dye your hair.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

How to dye brown hair with coffee grounds as follows:

Step 1: You put the coffee grounds into 400 - 500ml of boiling water and then add the conditioner and mix well.

Step 2: You wait for the mixture to cool and then apply it evenly on your hair, from the roots to the ends.

Step 3: Massage the scalp for 2 minutes, then take a shower cap, wait for 1 hour, then wash your hair with cold water.

Dye your hair brown with coffee grounds

* Note:

- You should not leave it for longer than 1 hour because it will dry out your hair.

- Coffee color only stays on your hair for 4-5 days, so this is not a good solution if you want to dye your hair for a long time.

Tender meat with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds not only help tenderize meat, but also enhance the flavor of dishes thanks to the presence of natural enzymes and acids.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

You just need to marinate the coffee grounds on the meat for 2 hours before frying or stir-frying. When the meat is cooked, it will form a black and crispy crust but give a delicious flavor. You can also use coffee grounds to marinate meat and refrigerate up to 24 hours before cooking.

Coffee grounds help stimulate hair growth

Coffee grounds will help your scalp remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow on the scalp for fast and healthy hair growth.

How to do it as follows, before washing your hair, take a handful of coffee grounds and massage your scalp and hair for a few minutes and then rinse as usual. You exfoliate your scalp 1-2 times per week or as needed.

Cover scratches on wooden furniture with coffee grounds

Wooden furniture is often prone to scratches. However, the effect of coffee grounds can help cover the scratches on these furniture.

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds - Interior Design Ideas

Using coffee grounds will help dislodge and cover the scratch by staining the wood a dark brown color. After a few hours, if you are still not satisfied with the coverage of the coffee grounds, you can continue the above steps until satisfied.

How to do this: You make a mixture with coffee grounds and water. Then, use a cotton swab to apply the mixture to the scratch and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then wipe it with a soft cloth.



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